Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Morning Check-In

It's been a busy few days. Mr Eli has been pretty busy these last few days. He's been working on learning to roll and sit. Up until today he's done pretty well. Today has been rough. He's been choking and gagging and retching this morning. He actually threw up a bit this morning which he hasn't done in 8 months since his fundo. He does have a nurse on this morning so she is watching him for signs of aspiration. Will see how his next feed goes and if any changes will be calling the doc.

Emily is doing well. Had her conferences this week. The teacher said she's doing great and that the additional work is really going well. The re-eval date is coming up the beginning of October so then we will have more information. There will be some additional testing as well.

Jace is doing pretty good in school. They have started his speech and he enjoys it. He has had some issues remembering to take his meds, so we are really have to monitor that.

Ben and Ari are a disaster. I'm not sure what to do with them as nothing is working. Ari watches Ben and is now picking up all of his bad habits. It may come to the point where we will have to look for a residental facility for Benjamin for a bit of time until we can get everything under control. I can't continually have my home flooded, fires, set, furniture and clothing destroyed, and everything else. I don't know what more to do. We have our next meeting coming up with his autism specialist and team so hoping to get a better plan in place.

Bob is back at work for a few. Obviously he'll be back less than 2 weeks, before he's off again for Eli's next surgery. Thank heavens for FMLA, but the loss of money is really hurting.

I'm here, as always. Trying to keep up with the house and kids and Eli. I'm exhausted. My health issues have come to the point where I ended up at the doc this last week. She ran every lab test under the sun and we will meet back up with week for some answers. I also have my mammogram and ultrasound on monday, so nervous about that.

Today we are taking the 4 older kids to Botanica for Free Museum Day. They are pretty excited. Pictures coming when we get home.

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