Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Updates and Vacation Photos

On updates real fast...Emily is enjoying school and doing well. Her spelling test last week she got 18 our of 12 points! She ended up with all 6 extra credit words! She's having a ton of fun learning about butterflies and watching the process! They got to see a butterfly emerge yesterday and she was beyond excited! Jace is struggling a bit. He's been getting in trouble some at school and we are trying to figure out how to work through that. Ben is doing well. He likes school, and i'm so happy for that. We have his IEP mtg next week, so I will have more info then. Ari is doing good. She is now enrolled in a toddler gymnastics class and is loving it. Next week we start a music in motion class as well! At the moment she is cutting all 4 of her molars AND her 4 canine teeth so she's been a bit grouchy.
Bri and I are ok. Trying to figure some things out, and trying to work on communication more. I go to the doc tomorrow so hopefully i'll get some answers there!

I have finally gotten organized and gotten time to put all of the vacation photos onto a slideshow for everyone to see! We had alot of fun and for first time ever didn't actually spend alot of time taking photos. So I don't actually have alot from the trip, but here are some of the good ones! :)

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Chelle said...

Awesome pictures! Looks like y'all had a great time! :) Glad to hear that Emily is doing so well! Sorry to hear Jace is having a rough time, hopefully it gets better soon! Glad Ben is liking school, that's gotta be a great feeling for you! And Ari and her teeth, I know what you are going through Jag did the same thing! :) Keep updated on your Dr apt!