Saturday, September 27, 2008

So Behind

I'm sorry to have fallen so behind on updates. It's been a hectic week.
I'll start with the update that I've gotten the most calls and emails on.
I heard back late Thursday on my mammogram. We are going to wait for the genetic testing. If it comes back positive the strong reccomendation is a double masectomy. If it comes back negative then will do and MRI or ultrasound. So we have 1 to 2 more weeks of a wait.
Next. We are moving fully today. We've gotten alot of stuff moved over during this last week but today is the big move. We've got a 26 foot truck and are getting ready to get started here in a few. We are excited, but tired..already :)
Emily and Jace finished up their last day at their school yesterday and will start their new school on monday. they are sad to leave, but excited for their new school.
Ben is doing good. He's got some allergies or a cold going on so isn't feeling the greatest at the moment. Nothing with school changes for him so that's a good thing.
Ariana is doing good as well. She's still in gymnastics and music in motion and loving it!
OThe than that....I will blog as soon as we get moved in and get the internet and computers back up and running! like always we will both have our cell phones!

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