Thursday, September 11, 2008

Doc Update

I went today and met my new OB. He was really nice and seemed very knowledgable. He made me feel at ease pretty quickly. I outlined my history for him, and the bit that I know about my family history. He wants me to see a genetic counselor and test for the genes for breast cancer and ovarian cancer. If I have this gene it is an 85% chance that I would at some point be diagnosed with cancer. (for those that don't know my biological sister has had breast cancer more than once, my biological aunt has had breast cancer, and my biological grandmother died of ovarian cancer in April of this year.) I have had abnormal pap's and with my history of PCOS, I'm clearly at a higher risk. So if the test comes back positive then he would reccomend a hysterectomy, if the test comes back negative then he would do an endometrial ablasion. As many of you remember this is the procedure my doc attempted to do before we moved to iowa. the scope ended up puncturing the top of my uterus and going up into my abdomen. he said the procedure has been redone, and he highly reccomends it. So we shall see. He also wants me to have a mammogram which I will be having on Tuesday. If my cancer markers come back clean I would be having the ablasion next friday.
That's all the info in a nutshell! :) I will update more as I know more!

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Chelle said...

I'm glad your new Dr. made you feel comfortable and like they were actually listening to you! You are in my thoughts and prayers girlie!! *HUGS*