Friday, September 5, 2008

Puke is part of daily conversation

Brian and Jace ran to the grocery store. Here is the conversation on their way home. car...vehicle behind them peeled out and made a noise.
Jace "what's that?"
Brian "some guy behind us peeled out"
Jace "what's that mean?"
Brian "its when you move too fast in your car and the wheels spin so it makes noise."
Jace "if you spin too fast you could puke."
Brian laughs.
Jace "if you didn't have a head you couldn't even talk. i'm not lying i'm serious. you'd look like a ghost."

Gotta love private reflection times with Jace! Just goes to show though how puke is such a normal part of our lives, Jace finds a way to spin it into every conversation! Poor guy! he's so cute though!

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