Monday, July 25, 2011

Quiet Weekend / Start of Week

Day 7
It was a fairly quiet weekend.  Eli started his Growth Hormones and did pretty well with them so far.  They have raised his BS a touch and kept his BP slightly low, but nothing to concerning.  The docs have also decided to up his feeds a bit.  We did a calorie increase yesterday going from 22kcals to 24kcals.  Still mixing with the pedialyte which adds 3kcals more per ounce.  He seems to be doing pretty good with it.  They are concerned if we don't get his calories increased decently, that the growth hormone will kick in trying to push his body to grow, and if Eli doesn't have enough extra calories to support that his body will break down things it shouldn't for energy.
Eli has had alot of grouchy time these last 2 days.  He's done with this entire hospital stay.  Normally when we are here he's actually sick.  But right now we are here solely to get this shot every day.  That's causing for a bored grouchy man.  I totally get it though!  :)
Today is hopefully Eli's sedation MRI.  Since he has the growth hormone issues and the front half of the pituitary gland not working he has to have the MRI.  There is a slight chance that a tumor is what is causing all of these problems, although they don't believe that is the case.  He will also be getting his GJ tube swapped out today.
I will update more as I know more!

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