Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My little man was admitted this afternoon.
We met with his medically complex doc and talked for quite a bit.  He's concerned about the swelling.  He wants to figure out if it's caused by the adrenal system, his kidneys, or his heart.  He also wants to get his feeds and fluids situated as Eli is struggling with these still.
We got here to the hospital and found out that the NP who had read his CDiff test was wrong.  Eli does NOT have Cdiff.  So now there is alot of confusion as to why he has pieces of his intestinal wall in his diapers.  Something wacky is clearly going on with his GI system and they aren't sure what and why.
Eli is beyond exhausted at this point and it's just crying and crying and crying.  He's swollen and grumpy and tired.  Will update tomorrow when we know more.

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