Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Yesterday was supposed to be Eli's MRI.  They got the IV going, stopped his feeds, and sent us down to MRI.  We got there and they wanted to do a KUB to verify that the J feeds weren't going into his stomach.  They read the KUB and claimed that his J tube was in his stomach not J.  So we went back up to his room and they waited to go down to IR to get it changed out and replaced.  The doctor immediately said his tube isn't in his stomach.  So the idiot that read the KUB misread and we could have had the MRI after all.  I was so frustrated.
They decided to simply do the MRI outpatient.  The hospital was able to get Pfizer to donate 1 month worth of Eli's growth hormone($3000 worth of meds!).  So we were able to come home!!  We are so happy to be home. 
We will be at the hospital ALOT over these next few weeks but atleast we will have some time home!
Tonight my dear hubby has planned to take us all out to dinner.  The 7 of us rarely EVER go out so I'm excited to get to tonight!
More updates and some pictures tomorrow

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