Monday, July 11, 2011

Another threat of admission

Hemoc~ We've gotten Eli's 1st repeat round of testing back.  The test that shows if he has a 15% chance of a blood clot in the next year came back negative this time.  His hematologist thinks that it was so high because of the trauma getting the blood.  We were all excited that we didn't need blood thinners and his doc said don't get excited...we just don't need them yet.  So we keep waiting for the rest of the tests but his doc isn't optimistic.
Eli met with his complex kids clinic today.  He met with a nurse practioner.  It was a mess.  First she wanted to admit him.  She is concerned about his bowels and hydration.  We voiced our concern about admitting him simply to force his docs to talk and make a choice.  We were just inpatient last week and they were going to get all the docs on the same page and that it didn't happen.  We explained that we can't admit each week to try and make his docs communicate and get a good care plan.  So she ultimately agreed.  She has added 2 new meds and again wanting to change around some of his feeds/fluids.  She scheduled a 2 plus hour with his main medical complex doctor next week, and is also working to arrainge a care team meeting where all of his main docs meet in 1 room at the exact same time. Also some discussions need to happen on the fact that there were 2 pages of orders from Dr Shoffner and nobody is following them or letting me know what they are.  hmmm.   So we will see how that goes.
In the mean time they are running lab work as she's wondering if he has CDiff.  If that's the case he's a guaranteed admit.  We are hoping to still get those results tonight.  He's running a low grade again today and we are struggling to keep him cool and hydrated with this massive heat.  Our AC just isn't keeping up.
We will update as we know more.

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