Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quick Saturday Updates

Dr KT called late Friday afternoon.  He doesn't want to admit on Monday as he is finishing up a nursery rotation and he wants to be in charge of a direct admit, not a voluntary admit.  So he is having us come into the office on Tuesday right before lunch and he will do a direct admit from there.  He is admitting Eli to the chronic care team at CMH.  This team handles the long term resident patients.  He feels that they will be best suited to help Eli with what is going on.
Right now we are just working to keep up with his hydration.  He's had alot of diapers today and his nurse has really had to work to keep up with replacing the fluids, without losing calories.  He's still been running his low grade fever.  We are hoping the docs can get it all figured out.

In other news...Emily has finished her first week of Shakespeare and has enjoyed it.  They are working to make costumes and she's learning her parts.  All of the children have been in rare form lately.  They aren't looking forward to this upcoming admit for Eli and are struggling to deal.

Bob and I went out last night.  An incredibly dear friend of ours kept all 5 of our kiddos.  Their little girl is just like Eli so she's super familiar!  Bob and I went out with friends to dinner and dancing.  We had a fabulous time.  We didn't get to bed until 2am and got to sleep in until 8:30....which for us is incredibly late.  We went out for breakfast together and then collected our children!  :)  It was our first time in almost 20 months to not have any children for an entire night.  We are so blessed! 

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