Monday, July 4, 2011

Quick Admit Update

Docs rounded, and so did nutrition.  They did blood sugars every 1 hr this morning and around 2pm switched over to every 2 hrs.  Now that he's off his feed for his evening break they are doing every hour again.  His sugars are dropping now. 
Doc is simply monitoring all day.  Tomorrow we will have long chats with his pediatrician, nutrition and endocrine to figure out what is going on and what we need to do next.  He's still got a rash on his face and arms and a touch on his legs.  He's still red and a bit sweaty, not as clammy.  He's incredibly sleepy and has been asleep or sleepy fussing most all day. 
We just got back from the playroom where he spent almost an hr playing.  Now he's laying back on his dad in the rocking chair watching a baby einstein video.  Hoping he is able to get some decent sleep tonight.  As of right now bob and i are at 38 hrs awake with MAYBE 3 hrs of cat naps.  So we are dragging. 
A dear friend of ours is sending us dinner tonight and a few extra meals to help cover food for the next day or two!  We are so thankful to have amazing friends in our lives!
We will update tomorrow as we know more.

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