Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hemoc Called

Eli's hemoc called.  The test that was to check his possibility of having another blood clot in 1 year came back.  We were told if his was higher than 15% then he was back on blood thinners.  Well his is so high that they are rushing him in for am emergency ECHO and ultrasound.  They are concerned that his blood clot in his heart, that was supposedly turned into a calcified leason that was growing is possibly a blood clot, potentially more.  The risk for him throwing clots right now, if not already is super high. His hematologist is concerned and has called the cardiologist.  We are scared, and his hemoc PA said rightfully so.  We go in at 1:30 for echos and ultrasounds and tons more lab work.  We will update more as we know more.  please keep our little man in your thoughts and prayers and please keep our family as well...we are exhausted and feel like we are nearing the end of what we can emotionally, mentally and physically handle.

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Jen Amelung said...

Awww love u u need to talk/text then inbox me on FB
Prayers are said.