Thursday, April 3, 2008

What a week

I haven't blogged much this week. It's been busy. Not having the kids has probably been the strangest thing of my life. On one hand it's been nice. It's been nice having the quiet, not having to run around to 500 places keeping up with their schedules, nice being able to do my homework during the day instead of late at night, nice to be able to do some of my errands and get together with a friend, nice to be able to spend some time with Brian and go out in the evenings. But it's also been weird. We haven't slept in, not one single day. I just keep waking up, I can't help it. The house has been too quiet. It's almost scary quiet. I miss having the kids activities, I've actually been...ooooh i'm almost scared to say it...bored sometimes. I miss the cuddles, the love, the laughs, I miss watching them play, the cute smiles, peeking in on them at night before I go to bed, all those things. In some ways I've gotten alot done this week and in some ways I haven't gotten as much done as I expected. I got alot of school work done, got my errands done, got together with a friend, got a few appointments done, and spent some time with Brian. I did not get the house cleaned and all of those things finished up like I had hoped though. That's okay I suppose because as soon as the kids get home they'll run around here and make a mess anyway! :)

I had my plastic surgeon appointment this week. It's always a bit scary to have to go in there and get completely naked from head to toe. You are given a robe, but as soon as the doc comes in that's gone so he can look and see everything that he needs to see. He said that I look amazing and that I'm done losing weight. He said at this point he wants me to go into maintenance mode. That is the strangest thing I think I've ever heard in my life. I knew I was getting close but hearing those words was like WOW. So until after my 3 surgeries I'm done losing weight. His guess is by the time all the surgeries are done I won't have anything else to lose, but in my mind I'm thinking I will. We shall see. So we are hoping to start my first surgery the last week of May. We will set the official date next week. Then after I finished speaking with him I had to go be photographed again since my body has changed so much since my appointment in January. Talk about uncomfortable. I stand up on a stage in a photo studio with all the photo lights and the camera. Completely naked, turning and moving and sometimes having to get into strange poses, each time moving a small piece of paper with a ruler drawn out on it, taped to my body as she photos. This lasts for about 50-60 pictures. Talk about awkward. Afterwards she showed me my photos from january to now. The difference was amazing. I had no idea that in the last 2 months it had changed that much! It made me feel good! Then the surgeon and I met and got to chatting and BIG news may come from that but until I know more I won't be able to give all the details! BUT I will say that it could change my life!

Other than that there isn't to much to report. I have a big exam tomorrow, and am ready to just get it done. After my exam Brian and I will head to KC and will stay at the Plaza for the night. We will get our kids back Saturday afternoon and will be back here late Saturday night!


Kimble-Wood said...

So what all are you getting done? I'm looking at seeing a surgeon as well for some cosmetic work. I'm 9 pounds from my goal, so I figure I'm at a safe place.

CNH said...

Wow Heather! That's just so exciting and amazing. I can't believe it's so SOON!