Wednesday, April 9, 2008

so much..yet so little

i feel like so much is happening in our lives, but so little to actually report...if that makes sense. sometimes i feel as though these updates may get boring to some, but it's our constant revolving life and i can only tell it like it is! :)

SNOW. that is the worst 4 letter word of all time. It did this yesterday. YESTERDAY a day in the month of APRIL after SPRING has supposedly already begun weeks after easter. This is wrong, horribly wrong.

Other than the above things are going ok. We are trying to get resituated and back into the grove of things. The kids are getting back into school and piano. Emily has a piano recital this sunday so she's busy practicing for that. She will be performing 2 songs, one of them is a duet with her teacher. Jace won't participate this year as he hasn't learned any songs yet and is working on the foundations still. This last week they did some drum play to work on getting the beat and rhythm down and he absolutely loved this. He also is working on some piano computer games that give him great practice with finger numbers and beat and such! He's really starting to enjoy it as he and his teacher figure out the right combo for him! :)

Ben is doing pretty good. He has his days. Right now he's on a bit of an eating strike and wouldn't even eat mac and cheese for dinner. When he is eating it's mostly fruits, as he loves these to death.

Ariana is doing pretty good. She is getting a bit braver. she's learned how to go upstairs and we are slowly working on teaching her how to go down. Tonight she took only one of brian's hands and walked across the floor! She has only walked up till now if we are holding both of her hands. We can also let go of her for a second and she is standing alone and then carefully lowering herself to her bottom! Slowly working towards walking!

Brian is doing well! He's been put in charge of a project at work and so he's really working to figure it out! He's enjoying his job though and that's a good thing for sure!

I'm doing pretty good. Trudging through these last 5 weeks of school. There's alot to be done and it keeps me pretty darned busy!
Therapys are all going well. Ben now has therapy 4 times a week, Ari will be once a week, and Jace starts this Friday, and he'll be once a week. Keeps me running!
I've made another great new friend and have really enjoyed getting to know her and the kids! We have alot in common, her daughter is 3 and uses PECS and has many of the same speech issues that Ben has so we enjoy chatting back and forth about this. We got together today for our littlest 2 to play and had a great time. Her youngest is a little boy and he's 19 months so he and ari had a great time!

we are gearing up for the Autism walk this saturday and then immediately start preparing for a fundraiser at pump it up on the 22nd. I'm also going to be in charge of a fundraiser called Autism:Time for Change, where will be doing a change drive, and are hoping to get it set up through the school district! Also something happening!

Missing everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Heather,
I am reading your block almost every day so I know whats going on ;-)I can understand that you are damn busy but I would be sooooooooo happy to hear something personally from you! I really miss you guys and I hope I can make it to Amerika within the next two years....
Love ya Alana