Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Grouchy day

yesterday ended up not being a very good day. the morning was hectic and i was running around all morning trying to keep up. my 1st class of the day got out early so that part was nice! my sign class was fun. my teacher decided to move class outside. it was 74 degrees and we sat in the sun in the grass and had class there. it was alot of fun.
i got home to a hectic house. dinner was cooked..noodles and ground beef. jace wanted to go shopping to buy me a present so i told him to go downstairs and make me one. that made him happy. then he wanted to make me a cake. brian said there was no time. so i went to the kitchen and helped the kids bake me a cake. they ate dinner and then brian took all 4 of them to piano. i went to eat and they had eaten all the food. i couldn't go out to eat because brian had my van and purse and wallet, and the cake was cooking. so i made mac and cheese and waited for the cake to finish.
i ended up laying on the couch watching tv. they all got home and we had cake and then they headed to bed. brian gave me a card signed by him and all the kids.
i was pretty grouchy by the end of the evening and ended up going to bed early.
it's not that i wanted a big fancy present but a touch of pampering would be nice. i had to help the kids with presents cake and such, and had to make my own dinner.
i'm sure my attitude could have used a bit of an adjustment, but you know.
so that was my day.
today is rainy, so we'll see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

At least I called you ;-)
That was hopefully a littel bit nice at your birthday and you had a sunny day...
Love ya

Heather said...

your call definately made my day nice! it's always nice to hear your voice and to chat with you! miss you! love you!

CNH said...

Aw sweetie, I'm sorry. I've had several birthdays like that as well as several holidays. :( It's no fun. Maybe I can email Brain and hint that mother's day should make up for it?!?!

My own mothers day is fixin to be miserable or babymooning...