Thursday, April 10, 2008

Time passing

WOW. i can't believe how quickly time goes. 1st of all...Emily has big news! she lost her first tooth today. i was starting to think that it would never happen. she mentioned yesterday that she thought that she had a loose tooth, and i looked and it was literally leaning on the tooth next to it. today when she was picked up from school she came running out smiling, and we knew it had come out. turns out she got advice from all of her friends and pulled took it out herself at recess. she says she "twist twist turn pull" she was so excited! she put it in a little treasure chest! so the tooth fairy begins! :)
then the next thing on time passing. someone asked me how old i was at school yesterday and i drew a blank. i knew that i was either going to be 28 or 29. i literally ended up using my cell phone to subtract it out. 2008-1979 means that i will be 29 in 11 days. holy heck. that means i'm only done with my 20's. in one sense i'm beyond thrilled and in one WOW! i hate people at school saying WOW you are that old, but I HATE people in "real life" other moms and such saying WOW you are that young. I'm raising 4 children, 1 with special needs, paying bills, taking care of a house, keeping up with college, etc I feel as though i'm 80 some days! so i'm not quite sure what to think. i suppose i have 11 days to adjust to the fact that i'm apparently 28 right now since i wasn't quite sure if was going to be 28. heck i thought i had a whole nother year before 29. i guess they say the memory is the first thing to go. oooh did i tell you that emily lost her first tooth?????

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