Monday, April 21, 2008

Busy day

today is going to be a beyond busy hectic day.
i have to get all the kids to school.
ari has therapy this morning.
i need to finish part 1 of my research paper as it's due today.
get all the kids from school.
take all the kids to daycare.
drive 40 min to class.
go to class.
go across campus to the next class.
go back across campus to lab.
drive 40 min home.
cook dinner.
rush both kids to piano.
home and kids to bed.
clean house.
attempt to get more packing done.
maybe talk to hubby and watch tv.
oh and try to remember at some point that it's my birthday and truely i should take it easy and enjoy a bit.
the life of a mom and wife! :)


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Hope it is a good one even though it's busy!
Thinking of you today!
Big hugs and kisses from Germany!

Michelle said...

Happy late birthday. Hope it was a happy one.