Friday, April 25, 2008

moving tomorrow

we are moving tomorrow. i'm not super excited. there are still so many things that we need to get done. go figure. we will not have internet again until tuesday so i won't be online for a few days. i still have my cell phone so feel free to contact me there if you need me! :)

in other news. mr jace had a heck of a time last night. emily and he were goofing off and of course it went to far. she ended up pushing him down the stairs. he hit his head and back and shoulder, and ribs and left knee. he has a big bump on his head and bruises around his body. we put him to bed in our room so we could keep an eye on him and check on him. this morning he said his head is a bit sore and he's definately got some bruising but he seems ok. if it's not one thing it's another.

this morning was muffins with mom at emily's school. we went to that and it was nice. brian stayed home with the other kids so it could just be emily and i. yesterday was take your daughter to work day and since brian works in a restricted environment emily wasn't able to go with him. so i was able to get it approved for her to come to school with me. i just had my ASL class so she liked that. she has been learning a bit of sign and had fun showing off what she knew how to do. everyone thought she was so cute! she asked me when she could go back to college! :)

other than that not much going on here but the move. i will update on tuesday evening!

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