Monday, February 18, 2008

What a trip

Wednesday. 5:30pm. We left Cedar Rapids and headed to Wichita. We didn't get in until almost 2am and Ben freaked out, ALOT. he didn't hardly sleep at all the whole drive.
Thursday. 7am. We woke up and I went out to breakfast with a friend. It was warm and sunny and there was no snow. It was nice, and different! We did valentine's shopping and ari's birthday shopping thursday afternoon and went over to brian's mom's house for dinner on thursday evening.
Friday. We had an appt at 10am and were a bit early so we went to a local car wash to get our beyond filthy van cleaned. It is one of those car washes where it pulls your vehicle in. Well it didn't work and pulled us off the track. A guy from the full service shop came out and had me roll down the window he steared the wheel trying to get us out. Next thing you know there is an explosion noise, and my tire exploded. (I JUST bought ALL 4 of these tires just 4 days before leaving for Wichita). He has Brian and I get out of the car and he drives the van out of the car wash. The damage wasn't nice. It exploded the tired, broke the trim on the wheel and the underside of the bumper, dented the side of the car, and shoved the entire front end of the an back into the body, making it super hard to open and close the drivers door. We demanded to speak to the owner and to have this taken care of. They refused and told us we were out of our league for asking. The shop manager got in Brian's face and told him that he was going to haul him out back and beat the plum shit out of him. I had enough and called the police. They replaced the tire and that was it. We filed an insurance claim and our insurance is going to sue them and make them pay! We missed our appointment by over 2 hrs. Go figure. Friday evening we had valentine's dinner with my parents and then Brian and I went out to a movie. we got to the theater early and fell asleep for 25 minutes waiting for our movie to start. mind you we fell asleep at 8:30pm. lol.
Saturday. We went to brian's dad and step moms for breakfast. Ari's party was at Jimmie's at 11:30. She had a great time! Her cakes looked absolutely amazing and her poodle skirt turned out soooo cute! I will post pictures soon! Then Ari got her first haircut! She looks so cute! i went shopping with a friend and then Brian and I went to a friends house for dinner.
Sunday. We got up and went out to breakfast with my parents and then got on the road. The trip was smooth until about 50 miles from home. We hit lots of snow and ice and it took us over 2 hrs to make it the last 45 miles. Then we got stuck in our driveway and had a heck of a time getting the van in the garage.
This morning the kids school is cancelled and we are still trying to figure out if brian has work or not. We also have no idea if he's even going to be able to get the van out of the driveway.

i will post pics soon.


Jen said...

I am glad that for the most part you all had a good trip. Sorry to hear about the car wash and the van. I am glad you all made it back ok.

Chelle said...

I hope you get that company for talking to you and Brian like that! What is the name of the place? I want to make sure I never go there!
I'm glad for the most part your trip went well. I bet it was nice to be away from the snow and warmer temps! Glad you mad it back ok!

Heather said...

it was the sunrise station at 13th and woodlawn. AFTER the fact they guy informs us that they have people getting pulled off the track all the time. DAMN IT MAN!

CNH said...