Thursday, February 7, 2008

snow has stopped...for now

well the snow has stopped for now. over the next 10 days they are predicting 6 days of snow. :(
Brian did make it home yesterday but then got stuck and couldn't get into the driveway. So he started shoveling, then our shovel broke, so he started using the kids shovel. he finally gave up and came inside for lunch and to warm up. our sooo nice neighbor brought his snow blower over and did our driveway! finally brian was able to get in. here is a picture of brian's van stuck in the street at the end of our driveway.

we ended up with around 13 inches of snow yesterday taking our winter total so far to 47 inches of snow. and that's just since the end of november. not fun!
the snow plows were called off yesterday late morning after 5 or so had run off the road. they didn't get them back out till late last night. so school for the kids has again been cancelled today. i have school and will be leaving SUPER early as it will be very slow going. brian did make it into work this morning. he said the roads are snow packed but he did ok.

that's about all i know right now. we are just trying to stay warm and keep cabin fever away. the kids are bored..very bored!


manupanic said...

great.. we only got snow for 30 mins here in holland..

Heather said...

who are you?

CNH said...

I'm staying down south. That's just nutty! My friend B in Colorado got insane amount. They can actually sled off their back DECK!