Thursday, February 28, 2008

Quick Updates

Haven't blogged for a few days. Things have been hectic. I was so tired come monday evening that Brian and I fell asleep at 8pm! It was so nice to get a full nights sleep!
Tuesday was a LOOOONG day. Ben had a meltdown as we were getting in the van after dropping Jace off at school. He screamed the whole way home and then for 30 minutes here at home. His therapy team showed up in the middle of it and for the first time ever they witnessed what we had tried to describe to them. They were shocked and couldn't believe that this was "sweet little Ben". They agreed FINALLY with what I had been trying to tell them this whole time. The approach they were using simply wasn't what was needed. Ben has a HUGE vocabulary and is really great with rote memorization and labeling and such; but when it comes to every day communication of wants, needs, and such he just doesn't have it. So they are going to be starting PECS with him today. I'm super happy about this and really hoping that this is the avenue that will lead to daily communication!
Now for more news. We haven't said anything until we knew for sure but now that we have all the answers that we will get for now i'll go ahead and update. Ariana had an evaluation over the last 2 weeks. She is having the same developmental delays like Ben had so her doctor wanted an early evaluation. She is only saying dada, baba, and just started saying mama. She isn't walking or any of those things. They also evaluated her for autism red flags, in light of Ben. She passed the autism assessment with flying colors, so that was a huge relief! (although I was 98% sure that she would as she is sooo social!) She is definately showing a delay in motor and speech so she will start getting therapy just like Ben did at her age. we have decided to not get her MMR shot though. When Ben got his is when many of the social issues for him magnified so we have decided to not risk it with Ariana.
In other news...Jace is doing well. He is now officially registered for kindergarten next year and he's super excited! He will be going to the same school as Emily! He's working hard on learning his letters and is enjoying school. He's still taking piano lessons, and starting to get the hang of it. Emily is also doing well. She's busy with school, and starting to get more homework. She is almost finished with all of the 2nd grade sight words at school and is reading on a 2nd-3rd grade level! Her teacher is very pleased! Emily is also still taking piano, and doing well. She is getting ready for her first piano recital in april!
Brian is good. Working. He likes his job and is getting projects and things now that are keeping him busy!
I'm here. Tired. Busy. same old same old. My spring break is coming up in 2 1/2 wks and I couldn't be more ready. My weight loss is going slowly but surely. I'm now down 85 lbs and at 170. I'm excited to be getting so close to my goal!

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