Saturday, February 23, 2008


I have spent the last 3 nights getting my study guide down. i finally finished it today after putting right over 14hrs into it. It is 13 single spaced typed pages. I have spent around 3 something hours being quizzed over it today. I don't think I'm any closer to remembering all of it than when I was when I started! :( I'm so nervous about this exam.

we had sun today. like lots of sun. it was still cold, but atleast we had sun. it's supposed to get above freezing tomorrow, barely (34) but if it does that would be so nice! We are supposed to get another big winter storm monday night though. i sooo hope not! i'm sick of this weather and the kids are sick of missing so much school.

other than that not much else going on around here. i'm taking a break for the rest of the night from studying and hoping to get to relax and watch some tv tonight!

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