Monday, February 11, 2008

Same old same old

you'll never guess what's happening here...okay maybe you will...SNOW. it started snowing on my way out to school this afternoon and we got quite a bit. i'm so beyond tired of it. and it's cold, horribly cold.

i had a test today in my speech and hearing sciences class. i think i did pretty good, but it was alot harder than i expected.

i feel sort of sorry for someone. it's a situation that i'm totally not involved in but i am a human being and i have a heart and i can't help but feel sorry. i wish there was something that i could, but in the past i've already done so much to help, and nothing has changed.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes just knowing you've been there, is enough. She is starting to understand.

CNH said...

Now I'm curious as to what you're speaking of.....;)

I cannot believe how much snow you are getting this winter! UNreal!

happy birthday Ari! :)