Saturday, February 9, 2008

What a day

i was headed over to a friends house today to do some sewing and i was headed up a hill towards a bridge on snow and i heard an explosion and then could hardly stear to the side of the road. my rear drivers side tire literally exploded. my friend picked me up and brian called a tow truck. turns out i ended up needing 3 out of 4 new tires, so obviously we just splurged and bought all 4. so yep. pretty darned exciting and definately not in the budget.

the good news is i finished ari's skirt for the party and it looks super cute. i also set myself up a designated sewing area in the sunroom so i can sew whenver i want instead of having to use the dining room table! always a good thing!

we leave for wichita on thursday. i'm excited! it will be nice to see everyone and get to spend a little bit visiting!

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