Friday, December 14, 2007

working out

brian and i joined a local gym. we went the other day and just did cardio. we went today and did a bit of cardio, and then went over to bri's favorite section, the free weights. i don't do free weights. they make me nervous. i'm not comfortable with them. he says he'll teach me. i say that i don't even know if i can bench press the 40 lb bar. he says i can atleast do 60lbs. he puts me on there. i can barely do 1. now my right shoulder and arm are killing me. this is the same shoulder that i've been having tons of trouble with and have been seeing a dc twice a week for. so yep. i'm feeling great, and my attitude isn't to spectacular right now. i know my body and i know my limitations and it frustrates me to no end when people refuse to listen to me.
so anyways that's my day in a nutshell. clearly not my whole day but as my shoulder has shooting pains going through it as i type that is clearly all that i can think about.

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