Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Never Ending

Yesterday morning was Brian's first day of work. As he's getting ready, Emily gets sick. So I got everyone up and got the boys to school, with Emily riding along with a trash can. Then this morning Jace gets sick. The good news is Emily was only sick a few times and it was all over by 11am. Jace has only gotten sick once, so who knows. Oh and Brian went out this morning and my rear drivers side tire was completely flat. 3 cans of fix a flat later it's ok for the moment but how long who knows. Oh and my garbage disposal and kitchen sink are broke, which makes dishes impossible. Someone is *hopefully* going to make it out today to fix it. It's been broke since Saturday. :( And our insurance was changed by boeing without telling us and now we have to pay all of our medical bills over the last 3 weeks, and these bills will include ben's genetic testing. YIKES!
It's just one thing after the other around here and i'm beyond tired of it. I'm just ready for life to calm down and go back to normal. Of course I'm not quite sure if I remember what normal is.

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