Thursday, December 27, 2007

Now what?!?!

Christmas is over. Company has headed home. The kids are in that now what mode of thinking. They have been constantly busy and entertained. For Bri and I, it's a long list of chores that we need to get done. All the decorations and the tree need to come down, we need to catch up on laundry, and do housework. All the toys need to find places to go, heck some of brian's things from his move here still need to find places to go. On top of it all I'm still pretty sore and supposed to be taking it easy. Charlie, (the puppy) is going to be going through Grandpa withdrawal as my dad pretty much held him and played with him the whole time he was here. Ben and Ari are both still afraid of the puppy so if Charlie is out and playing in the house then Ben sits on the couch and Ari has to be held the whole time. So it makes for fun times.
I'm just ready to get organized and get into a normal daily life kind of routine. If that exists anymore.

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