Thursday, December 20, 2007

Company's Coming

We are having company over tonight. It is a woman I met the first time I went out in CR. She's a great person, and has been a great friend over these last few months! So her whole family is coming over this evening for dinner! So I'm cooking for 11! :) I'm excited and think it will be great fun!

Yesterday was my first appointment with my personal trainer. HOLY COW! He kicked my ass! We did 35 straight minutes of arm work. My arms are absolutely exhausted. I go back tomorrow for all leg work. And do this every week, twice a week. I'm sooo praying it works cause WOW!!!

Yesterday was the boys christmas program at school. I will get the videos posted later today! They did great and had alot of fun!

Other than that not much going on. Brian only has today and tomorrow at work and then he's off for almost 2 weeks for Christmas! My parents get here this sunday so that will be nice as well!

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