Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

(a day late)
We hope that everyone had a great christmas! Things have been busy here and I'm so behind on blogging.
Last thursday afternoon I went into the doc for a small spot on my leg that was bothering me. Turned out I had an absessed cyst and he had to cut into my leg to take it out. I ended up with a double layer of stitches. It is on my upper inner thigh so not in a fun area. The antibiotics gave me a horrible yeast infection, which I ended up having to go on meds for because i could hardly move.

My parents came into town Saturday and we've been super busy. We also had a HUGE blizzard adding another 8 inches of snow to the 6 or more that we already have on the ground. Christmas morning came, presents were opened, toys were played with. Santa brought sleds. So what does that mean. That means sledding. We went to "The Sledding Hill" and WOW! It's the size of a flipping ski run. The kids had a blast, so did Brian. Brian fell over one big jump and landed on his tailbone. The kids took a few spills as well, but no major injuries. I didn't sled as I didn't want to risk getting my stitches wet. So I just climbed up and down and helped. We got home and my leg was hurting but I thought the tape from the bandages was pulling weird. My mom and spend 4 hrs making christmas dinner and dessert. Everything was YUMMMMY!!!! After the kids went to bed I was still sore so told Brian to redo the bandage so the tape was more comfy. He takes the old off and immediately says UHOH. Not a good sign. The bottom stitches had ripped out. I call my doc. Normally he would meet me at the office and fix it himself but instead he's at the ER with a bleeding ulcer. He send us to the ER as well. He calls me back on the cell telling me to come to the same one he's at so he can sneak in and check on me. We do. And he does come into my room and spends about 20 minutes with us. He told them what he wanted done (steri stripped it closed) and I was immediately released. So we were there for 2 hrs which isn't bad cause they were swamped! So by the time we got home I was exhausted.

The kids had wanted to go sledding again today but between my stitches and Brian's tailbone we decided not. So they've spend today playing with toys and learning how to use their Wii. We went bowling in our sun room! It's great and they had lots of fun! They've still got 6 more games to explore so I'm guessing it's going to be a constant in our life over this next week before school starts.
My parents head home tomorrow and Brian goes back to work on the 3rd. I'm thinking we will lay low over this next week and get some much needed housework and resting done!

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Jodi said...

Sounds like you all had an absolute blast! Sorry to hear about your stitches!!! Doesn't sound like much fun! Merry Christmas!! I hope your family has a wonderful NEW YEAR!