Sunday, December 30, 2007

Quick Updates

Brian was sick on Thursday with the stomach bug. He's feeling good now but it definately wasn't fun.
I'm BEYOND annoyed with the puppy right now. Ben and Ari are still both afraid of him. So Ben lives on the couch and Ari has to be held. Which makes play time impossible. Also the puppy is clearly young so he's constantly chewing on things now and the kids refuse to keep things picked up off the floor. I can obviously only keep up with it all so much because I'm busy as well. So yeah I'm overwhelmed by it all.

My major. It has changed from what it was when I was once in college many years ago. I will be majoring in Speech and Language Pathology, ending with a masters and becoming a speech pathologist. I'm super excited and think it's a perfect match!

We are still trying to get life organized. There is clutter everywhere and we are working towards finding places for everything, but it is very slow going.

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