Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Normal Moment

Monday evening I was working on getting Eli ready for bed.  This unto itself is a LOOONG process.  He was playing with some toys on the floor while I got ready to start meds.  He comes over and starts playing with his fridge door.  Slamming it and trying to pull it open.  He grabbed it and tried to pull and I held the door so he couldn't slam it into himself.  He tipped over and landed on the carpet, busting up laughing.  I of course laughed back.  He got up crawled over and grabbed the cup full of syringe plungers and threw it on the floor.  He immediately started laughing.  I laughed,  picked them up, put them back, and he immediately did it again.  This went on 3 or 4 times with him laughing as hard as he could each time he threw the syringes over.  I of course laughed in turn.  It was one of the most precious moments ever.  I scooped him up and hugged him so darned hard.  For Eli and I this WAS communication.  This was his game.  For Eli this was a total normal kid moment.  It was so amazing.  It was a game that Eli and I were able to simply play interacting back and forth.  For us this was HUGE.
I can't wait for more experiences like this.  I hope we get more, and I hope we get them soon.

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