Thursday, December 29, 2011

Final Cultures and Labs Bearing Answers

Well we just got Eli's final cultures and labs back.   Not only is Eli's right lung full of pneumonia but he also has Metapneumovirus (closely related to RSV).  So not only are his lungs blocked and full of fluid but so are all of the tiny tubes that carry O2 back and forth.  She said that Eli is very ill and that this isn't something he will move past quickly.  She expects to see him hospital for a few more weeks.  The meds we are on and all of the treatments are the best that they can do right now.  They aren't at the point of leveling off yet, so we still have to reach the plateau of it all and then finally start the weaning off process.  They are hoping that they can keep his lungs expanded as much as possible to help keep secretions from settling.  He will continue to receive high O2 supports as well.  They are hoping that the increase in feeds won't put to much pressure on his lungs and his breathing so this is something that will be watched closely.
Neuro never came yesterday so she is pushing for them to come today.  She is hopeful that he will fully recover and go back to the same neurological state we were at before but that it is to early to tell.  She said he is unfortunately dealt with being hypoxic and that is what is causing him pain and panic.  She said that she isn't surprised that he isn't comfortable with allowing us to move him as when he's moved it's even harder for him to breath causing more hypoxia and she said he can feel that when it is occuring.
So again we are trying to absorb all of this information and hoping that we are as strong of fighters as our little man because the doctor made it very clear that we have a long road ahead.


Mrs. Arpino said...

Praying for Eli to make a full recovery so fast it makes the Dr.'s call the press to report it!!! I'm glad you now have some answers. I'll be praying for all of you. Praise God that we live in an age where they can do tests and help his little body heal with medications and all that they are doing! Also praying for no damage to have taken place from the hypoxia.

Anonymous said...

Eli is a strong tiny man. Please know he is at the top of my prayers and constantly in my thoughts! You, Bob and your entire family are also in my thoughts and prayers as Tiny continues to fight! Many, many warm well wishes are being sent to Tiny and family!
~Linda Loney