Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Early Afternoon Update **Updated

What an emotionally draining morning.
The residents did first rounds this morning and she was concerned about the changes in Eli's breathing.  he is requiring more O2 and is retracting, wheezing, choking alot, and in general working very hard to breath.  The team all met and spent a ton of time going over Eli.
They have decided to run every single virus panel that is available to them.  They also have started a high dose IV antibiotic as they are concerned about pneumonia.
He still isn't awake or alert and we are at 24hrs of this.  His fever is currently down, but unsure how long that will remain stable.
The doctors all voiced a deep concern over how drastically sick he is and how they are unsure why.  they are also concerned about his heart and the pressure it is currently under.  they have called his cardiologist and ordered echos and a full heart workup.
They have also spoken with his pulmonologist and are starting him on cough assist every 4 hrs as well as increasing all of his rescue breathing treatments.
They are going to be doing alot of things in a short amount of time.  The doctors were very serious and very concerned with the downward decline of his respiratory status and the lack of waking and such.
He did go down to get his GJ checked and the placement is good, his intestines are just not sure if they want to properly function yet.  Currently he's only on Iv fluids and meds but we will start some trials with the J tube at some point to see if we can get something pushed thru.
We are exhausted and so is Eli.  We are nervous about what is happening and nervous about the doctors uncertainty and concerns.
Like always we will update more as we know more.
We appreciate all of the kind thoughts, prayers, emails, texts, and phone calls!  It is so nice to know that we aren't alone and that so many people are joining together to support our little man!

Updated 12:35pm
how things change so quickly in the hospital. 103 fever. doc came in. apparently eli is the talk of the hospital. They are taking him to a CT scan to make sure he doesn't have a blood clot in his lungs. With a blood clotting disorder and a history of blood clots they think it's a good idea to check. they are hoping to make it thru the CT without any anesthesia or intubation as it will be sooo hard to wean him off afterwards with him being sick.


servedogmom said...

We are thinking of you as you walk through this difficult time, and asking God to show you His love in amazing new ways today. God doesn't promise us an explanation, but He does promise to walk with us through our pain. I’m praying for you today and asking the Lord to reassure your heart of how very much He cares about all you are going through.

gfcfmomofmany said...

You have my prayers! Mito is so unpredicatable. Praying that Eli stablizes and begins recovering immediately!

God bless
Heather Laurie
Mito Families!

Melody said...

Heather and Bob, Rob, Kylar, and I are all thinking and praying for you guys. Please stay strong for Eli! He is a strong boy and will fight for all its worth.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and family. So sorry for the little guy. He is being so tough and brave.
Dianne--Amy& Mike Jones neighbor

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

praying hard!