Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Eli updates

Eli woke sick Christmas eve.  By mid afternoon his heartrate and resps were very high and his temp was around 101.5.  Called the doc and they had us take him in to the ER.  They did Xrays and ran alot of labs.  His lungs looked pretty good, and his stomach xrays showed alot of gas but didn't appear to be an issue either.  We were sent home, thinking it was a virus and to just see how he did.
Christmas morning Eli had a 103.4 fever and was very lethargic.  Still very high heart rate and resps.  Doc called.  He had us give a higher dose of tylenol in hopes of getting everything back under control.  Eli pretty much slept the day away.
Eli woke up the day after really struggling.  his temp was still pretty high and his heart rate and resps as well.  But to add to it all he was retracting a bit and grunting with his breathing.  By this point he could barely hold himself up.  Called the docs again and they had us take him into the main campus trauma center.  We walked in the front door of the ER and Eli started choking.  Next thing everyone knew there was blood coming out of his nose, mouth and stomach.  We are obviously rushed back to a trauma room and people came from every direction.  They immediately type and crossed him and had the blood bank hold blood.  Ran tons of labs and xrays.  Eli had to be put on 6liters/min O2 by mask and was put on tons of monitors.  By this point his heart rate was 180's and his resps were around 77.  His J tube and intestines stopped working and so did his urinary system.  Eli was quickly admitted and transferred to the surgical / PICU floor so he would be close to all units.  He became even more unstable once in his room.  His temp shot up to 104.4, heart rate and resps even higher.  His blood sugar dropped fast and he had a full body grand mal seizure, followed by 2 hrs of shaking.  It took a while for his blood sugar to finally stabilize.  He has yet to wake and has been in quite a bit of pain.  If he's touched or moved he winces and cries out.  His secretions are unmanageable for him.  He's not got the energy to cough and with his stomach and intestines not moving there is no where for it all to go.  The docs are concerned to suction to much with the major bleeding from earlier.  Eli will start choking and you can hear it all in there, and he starts panicking which makes it even worse.  We are doing everything we can to help him, and trying not to move him.  Within the last hr his blood pressure has dropped as well, now resting around 70/32.  His O2 has also dropped some, but not wanting to turn his O2 up much more, because we don't want to dry him out to much, again after all the bleeding earlier.
The plan is to simply get thru the night so we can start investigating in the morning.  They have a ton of tests ordered and need to get his main docs on board.  Right now he's getting vitals every hr, a TON of tylenol, he's on IV fluids and meds, and has cold rags being constantly rotated out. He's only peed once in 24hrs, so that is being watched closely as well.  There are emergency meds and emergency plans in place to deal with the blood sugars and seizures and all of that.  His doc and nurse tonight are really good and have been communicating well and really staying on top of things.
bob and I are resting in shifts, with no actual sleep involved.  We are exhausted and really scared.  Eli has never been this sick and the docs have never been this unsure of what is happening.  Please keep my little guy in your thoughts and prayers as he really needs it!
Here are 2 pics from last night.


Stefani said...

Praying that Eli had a better night last night and that you find the answers you need to be able to move in a forward direction. Our love and comfort go out to you....

Robin said...

Heather... I left you a message on FB, but after reading your blog post I wanted to comment here as well. I can't believe the docs were wanting you to keep waiting when the fever started. With his condition I would think he should have been admitted as soon as he developed a fever. If not then, then on Christmas when you talked to the doc over the phone and Eli's temp was over 103.
Regardless... please give Eli an extra hug from a fellow mitovian. I hope he keeps up the fight and gets through this.
I would love to meet him sometime.
Much love,

amj523 said...

Thinking of you and Eli! Prayers and more prayers!

Nickii McGuire said...

Praying for your sweet lil'man and for your whole family as you travel this journey~

Nickii McGuire said...

Sending prayers for your sweet lil'man and for your whole family as you travel on this journey~

Anonymous said...

Thinking of your family and sending love to you all. The
Peace Family ( mito family )