Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sick all over

Ari is better from her round of the stomach bug, but last night Emily and Ben got it.  Not fun at all.  They both slept well last night so we will see how they are this morning.  If it's like Ari's round they will be fine stomach wise but tired.  Poor Ben is still pretty worn out from just getting over his pneumonia, so will really have to push the fluids with him today.  Jace is shockingly doing good.  His stomach is normally the 1st to act up.  Eli also doesn't seem to be bothered by the stomach bug, although he's still sick on his own.  He's still running the same darned fever.  His heartrate is slightly up but not considerably.  His lungs sound good.  He's incredibly tired and just wants to lay around all day.  Going to run him into the pediatrician as they want to run labs and make sure a level isn't off that could be causing some of these problems. 

The kids have spent the last few days kinda hanging out.  They've played Wii, played their new handheld game systems, watched movies, and been in general fairly quiet.  Emily has goofed off a little bit with her new violin, and she's begging for January to be here so she can start her lessons.  Jace hasn't decided what his new class will be yet, and Ben and Ari are both super excited for theirs to start.  Ben will continue with gymnastics but will also take tumbling; and Ari will continue with her kids day out but will also start ballet.  All of the kids will continue with swim lessons.

Bob and I are pretty good.  Exhausted.  Having Eli sick AND the other kids sick has been quite the juggling act.  Bob is at work again today, and hopefully he will be able to stay for the whole day.  Today is his last day before a 3 day weekend so that is nice.  I'm ok.  Yesterday I stayed busy.  I organized our entire bedroom and all of my yarn.  It was a long awaited project and I finally got it done, took me pretty much the entire day though.  Alot of my yarn had been thrown in boxes and baskets and had become tangled all together.  Took hours to get it all sorted out but now that it's done it's so nice!

Not much other new info.  I still need to get some christmas pictures put up.  I will do that this afternoon when we get home from Eli's doc appt.  Then I can post an update from that and pictures at the same time!

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