Thursday, December 16, 2010

Eli's New Look

Eli got his glasses today.  He has tried to taken them off like 10,000 times.  His 1st sign will definitely be no-no.  LOL.  He looks super cute I think! 

He also had speech and OT today.  He did really well at both.  He put a fish in a container twice and he licked a fish not once but TWICE.  I was beyond excited!  Speech is on a bit of a hold until after his ear testing.  But we did a bit of sign, and met the woman who will take over with hearing aids and/or signing.  She also gave me information about a signing class at the local hospital for parents!  It's free!  So we will be beginning it in January, as well as Paula, Eli's main nurse.

Yesterday we went out and delivered all of our christmas cookies to all of Eli's doctors!  Eli dressed up as santa.  He was super cute!

The last little piece of news is Eli is going to meet Santa!!!  Tracy Cassidy from B98 has been helping me find someone and she emailed me super excited yesterday that he had found someone.  He went thru chemo as a teen and has a soft spot in his heart for special needs kiddos.  He's coming to our home on Monday to meet Eli and the kids!  We are so glad that Eli will get to experience this aspect of life!

Tonight is my knitting christmas party!  I'm looking forward to my evening out and getting to hang out with my friends.  Looking forward to all the yummy food too!  hehe.

More updates and pictures coming this weekend hopefully.

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