Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quick Check In

These will be fairly short updates as  life is going to get busy here again in a few minutes as the kids are all getting up.

This last weekend we took the kids to the tree farm.  We rode on wagons pulled by horses and rode out into the fields.  We roamed around looking for the perfect tree, and then everyone got to take turns cutting it down.  Then we rode on the same wagons back to the lodge and picked out ornaments.  The kids had a great time!

Emily~ She's doing well.  They are finishing up her testing at school for the gifted program.  She's still getting the harder work and is enjoying a bit of a challenge, although it doesn't seem like it's much of one for her.  She's busy at home listening to music.  It's her favorite past time.  She's met one of the neighbor girls and they've been playing basketball some days after school as well.

Jace~ He's my busy man.  He's always on the go.  He's working hard at school.  He has speech twice during the week, and then he is having someone come in and do handwriting work with him daily at school.  He's also passed his 1st reading program and is now in a new group.  When he's home he's either outside or playing with his Nintendo.  He also lost another tooth this past week. 

Ben~ He's doing pretty good.  He has his respite worker 5 days a week, and then another one 2 evenings a week.  He is getting along really well with both.  His day worker, spends alot of time building with ben, and he's really enjoyed that.  He is working on learning to read in school, alot with sight words.  He has a tooth that is moments from falling out!

Ari~ She's a mess.  She's so darned bored being here at home and wanting to stay busy.  We are hoping soon to be able to put her into more of her kids day out programs, or into a preschool program.  She spends alot of time bugging the heck out of her siblings and getting into trouble.  Typical little sister! :)

Eli~ He's my little 1 year old man.  He's rolling around, and is getting up onto his hands and knees alot.  We are just waiting for him to start crawling.  He had his appt with the cardiologist earlier this week.  He said his mitral valve is still leaking a bit, but the hole is closing well.  His pulmonary hypertension number has dropped again, and is now at the very top of normal range!  Super good news there.  We need to avoid any illness and no central lines, so hopefully his heart can have a chance to rest a bit.  Then he had his appt with audiology.  That's where the good news ends.  Eli failed all hearing tests.  His eardrums weren't moving at all.  This could either be because of fluid behind the eardrum, which there hasn't been in the past, or because of damage to the middle ear.  His ENT was able to get a rush appt for Thursday, so we will see what he says. 

Bob~ He's sick.  He has some sort of virus that just keeps hanging on.  He's trying to go back to work today, but not confident he will make it thru the day.  He's had to stop taking the cough medicine with codeine, but his cough has come back pretty strong.  So we'll see how it goes.

Me~ I'm ok.  Busy.  It's still a day by day kind of thing.  I feel most days like I'm on auto-pilot just trying to make it till bedtime.  Most days feel as though they just blur by.

Once we get internet up, I will get pictures up, and updates more often!

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