Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa and Mrs Claus

I have never felt as humble as I did today.  It is always so refreshing when you discover that there are still good people in the world who genuinely care.  As most of you know we were looking for a Santa who was willing/able to come to our home.  Eli is not able to go out in public for the risk of getting sick, so letting him see a Santa wasn't going to be possible.  I contacted Tracy at B98 (our local radio station) and she spent some time seeing what she could find.  She was able to find an amazing man, who transformed into Santa.  He arrived with Mrs Claus, and 2 bags full of gifts for my family.  He had been on my blog and had gotten to know the children and their likes and dislikes.  He had spent time at the store picking out just the right gifts for each child.  When he arrived he knew each childs name and age, and as he presented the gifts he talked about how he knew Ben was learning to read, and that Jace loved being outdoors, how Ari loved babies, and Emily's love of books.  Each of the gifts was perfectly in line with his stories.  Eli got blocks to learn to build and cars to go.  Ari got matching twin babies.  Benjamin got a robot named Alphie that works on matching and letters and numbers.  Jace got his 1st big boy football.  Emily got a jewelry making set and a book.  All of the children got a stack of golden books.  I got a chicken soup for the soul gift card, and Bob and I both got a giftcard to Walmart.  Santa and Mrs Claus held the kids and chatted with the and allowed us to take tons of photos.  Eli loved Santa and curled right up on him and almost fell asleep.  We feel so blessed to be able to experience this together as a family.  This isn't something I can ever thank everyone involved enough for!
Here are some of the pictures from the morning!

Here are some pictures that we have taken with Santa as a family and then pictures that we took for christmas!

It was an amazing day and my kids will be talking about it for quite some time I have no doubt about that!

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mandd3 said...

What a beautiful moment, beautiful pictures and a beautiful family! Merry Christmas Heather!