Wednesday, December 22, 2010

1 Very sick boy and 1 starting

Benjamin is super sick.  He started coughing just a touch monday.  Then by Tuesday he wasn't feeling very well.  Tuesday afternoon he had a low grade fever and napped alot.  By 5pm he was almost at 103 and was cringing constantly as he coughed violently.  Called the doc.  She had us put him on 4 different meds and start nebulizer treatments.  His temp dropped, but the coughing continued.  He slept in our room so we could do nebs all night.  This morning he had decreased sounds on the right, doc did a chest xray.  He has pneumonia.  All along the inner wall of his right lung and partly into the mid section.  So he's now on strong antibiotics and nebs.  This evening his temp is back up around 102 and he's miserable.  Pushing ALOT of pedialyte.  He's mostly refusing.  He did take some and has peed once or twice today.  IV still a possibility but we are trying to avoid that.  Tonight he ate a popsicle so we will check in with the doc in the morning. 

This afternoon Eli starting running a low grade.  Doc is going to be pretty proactive.  Starting to push fluids a bit more.  15cc/hr per each hr he's off his feeds.  So that will equal 90cc every 24hrs of pedialyte.  Will keep a super close eye on him as well.

Bob and I are exhausted.  We didn't sleep as much as we would have liked between Ben and all of Eli's normal overnight care.  Hoping that the boys do ok tonight.  Everyone else is good.
More updates soon.

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Jodi said...

So sorry the boys are sick. It's such a busy time of year and it's even harder when the young one's are sick. Praying that Ben get's better real soon and that Eli doesn't get what Ben has. Glad to hear that Ben took in a little bit of fluids today - that is a start. Take care of yourself too!