Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Such a busy week

This week is HUGE. We have sooo many major things going on this week. It's a bit overwhelming.
Ariana has transition meeting tomorrow. This is where we will begin discussing her upcoming 3rd birthday. She will begin full evaluations and testing again at the end of this month to determine specifics, but we will begin discussing what we all want written in her 1st IEP. They know for sure her diagnosis of Sensory Integration Disorder will stay, and we will continue receiving speech and physical/occupational therapy. We are hoping to be able to get her into a preschool setting 2 days a week and obviously her additional therapies. I'm not looking forward to going thru the entire IEP writing process again as it is exhausting and frustrating. Hopefully it will go smoothly.
Jace has his surgery schedualed for Thursday morning. We check into the outpatient surgery center at St Francis at 9am. He's not really looking forward to it obviously. They will do all of his biopsies so we can again verify that no cancerous cells are showing up in the esophogus. In addition she is going to be checking and testing all the valves as she's considering changing his diagnosis now from GERD to CVS. So we are looking forward to the results and hopefully getting situated on some new meds that might work a bit better. Right now we are on limited dairy of all sorts again and that definitely seems to help but the stomach aches and headaches definitely haven't gone away. After dealing with this for 5 years he's pretty easy going about it all, but the older he gets some parts of it do definitely bother him way more than they used to. He will be missing TKD on thursday and isn't happy about that. He's loving it and it's kept him super busy! We will definitely be continuing it next round!
Benjamin is doing pretty good. He like always has his days. He's doing pretty well at school and really getting into the groove a bit more this year. He's working a bit more on his academics and lots on his social. They've been doing alot more in classroom speech times to really push him to talk and interact with the other kids. he's still using a full TEACH scheduale at school on the door and she's now doing a portable TEACH scheduale for centers and such. We are hoping to switch over to the portable scheduale completely by next year as we think this will make the kindergarten transition easier. We are still dealing with alot of temper issues and obsessions with him at home which are beyond exhausting. Right now the biggest obsession is hugs and kisses for the kids when people leave. This usually takes 15 to 30 minutes depending on his mood because he must see everyone give each of his siblings both a hug and kiss, which usually takes multiple tries. He also does this randomly if we take a shower, or go to the bathroom, or step outside to take out a bag of trash. Many times when company leaves he will continue screaming for 30 plus minutes claiming he didn't see Ari get a kiss, or something like that. It's exhausting and makes goodbyes very long. We are hoping he settles a bit before the new baby. He is going to be going for another round of full testing the end of November. He will be getting fully evaluated again and doing all the IQ testing etc. This is hopefully the last process for his social security application to be accepted.
Emily is doing well. She's incredibly busy with school. The farther into the year the busier she gets. She's doing her 1st little research project right now, and that's been using up alot of her free time. She's enjoying the work and the reading though so that is good. Her battle of the books program ends in a few weeks and she's definitely not thrilled about that part. Bob has been teaching her to knit so that will give her another new hobby to pick up until her next school program begins, not that she will stop reading!
Bob and I are doing well. Just trying to keep up with the kids and life. I'm super pregnant and exhausted and not sleeping that well. So that obviously doesn't help. More updates soon, especially after Jace's surgery!

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