Thursday, November 19, 2009

Quick Updates

Tomorrow is 36 weeks pregnant! Thank heavens I'm nearing the end. I've been having alot of pain and discomfort the last week or so. My doc is almost positive it's from my surgery and there is nothing that can be done about fixing it but delivery. I'm just focusing on getting thru each day and getting ready for Mr Eli. Today I decided to get all of his clothes and things washed, and tomorrow I am hoping to get the last of the shopping done. I don't have much left, but I will feel better when it's all done! We have our next ultrasound and doc appt on Tuesday morning so we will know more then!

The kids are doing pretty good! Emily has decided to join TKD and they were able to get her started this coming week instead of her having to wait until the beginning of next round. She's super excited to get started. Jace is still loving it and is excited for Emily to join him so he'll have someone to practice with! Benjamin is busy with school, and is learning to write his full name. He's asking alot of questions lately including why his name has so many new and weird letters! :) Ariana is in the middle of testing for her IEP. She had her 1st round this last Tuesday and did really well. She will have more the week after Thanksgiving!

Other than that we are just getting ready for the holiday and Mr Eli. I will get new pictures up this weekend and hopefully some photos of the house! Super behind on that!

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