Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Literal little boy

Mr Ben has always had trouble understanding meanings and hidden things and takes everything very literally. It's all taken at face value and if that's what he sees or hears then it's set in stone that this is how it is. We left our house this evening to head to my parents for dinner. I just had the little 2 with me as the older 2 were already over there for the afternoon. As we were loading up the church by us had their church bells going. Ariana stops and asks what this is. Ben looks around and informs her that it is music from Santa's workshop. She's completely happy with this answer. We get to my parents and the kids want to watch a movie. So my dad puts on the 1st Santa Clause movie with Tim Allen. Ben watches the 1st few minutes and comes into the other room with mom and I. We were discussing christmas presents and asked him to go back and watch the movie. He informs us that he doesn't need to. Santa's Dead. We attempted to explain that he needs to actually watch the whole thing and that santa isn't actually dead. He says nope santa's dead. In his mind the movie is complete and it's all over. It will be interesting to now see how the Christmas season goes and what he tells the poor unsuspecting children at school.
Oh and to finish off his christmas discussion. Mom was asking him who's birthday is at christmas, as they were talking about church and such. Benjamin looks at my mom and informs him that it's baby Eli's birthday. He keeps asking us when Eli is coming and as an easy marker for him we just tell him at Christmas Time. So apparently he is now confusing all of these things together in his mind. Poor Ben. :)

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