Thursday, November 12, 2009

Last Minute OB appt

I ended up with a last minute appt today at the OB. I woke up this morning feeling really crampy. As the day went on the cramping got a bit worse, especially in my lower back and I had alot of pressure. Dr J had me come in. Eli's heartbeat was still good at 142, but it was located this time on my left side about halfway down my stomach, which is competely different than before. So the question is did he try to turn and got stuck so that is why I'm having so much pain and discomfort and cramping. Dr J is concerned that if his kidneys have swelled more and are having a harder time functioning that will cause my amniotic fluid to decrease which will make it harder for him to turn. So tomorrow he has schedualed a complete ultrasound and a biophysical profile. He wants a breathing score, full weight and size, full kidney assessment, amniotic fluid levels, etc...So we are hoping to get more info. In the mean time I'm supposed to relax and not do to much. Easier said than done with 4 small children, and an exhusband who refuses to stop harrassing me. :)

In other news we did hear back from Ben's school. She spoke with the social worker and she got some numbers she wants to call and see what kind of extra support we can get for him since he's struggling. We will be working with them and making some of these same phone calls as well, so hopefully we can get some answers quickly.

Jace is doing well. He had TKD again tonight and absolutely loves it. It really keeps him busy. He has his 1st round of testing coming up in December as well as a family Christmas party. He's doing well in school, and has had a slight homework break so he's really enjoying that!

Emily is doing pretty good. She's been super busy with a research project. It was a pretty large project that has taken her the last 2 weeks. It's due tomorrow and she's really glad that it's going to be all behind her! Now to go back to focusing on all of her reading projects and assignments!

Ariana is doing well! She's enjoying having her own girly room where she can play kitchen, dolls, and dress up. She begins all of her testing next week for her Transition and IEP and I'm very curious to see how she does with it! She has great workers and a great time so I'm confident she'll handle the stress of it all well!

More updates tomorrow when we are home from the ultrasound!

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