Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Time is Flying!

I can't believe how fast time is going right now! My surgery is in 17 days! WOW! Today is my pre-op with my family doc! I'm so excited to get to see him! He's helped thru so much of this insurance battle over the last 9 months! Not to mention just being a major support system, sounding board, and a great listener! I love my family doc! :)
I've gotten some things done, and have lots left to do. This weekend I spent as much time as possible just hanging around with my family! this coming weekend my SIL and I are going to get together for the Moore Holiday Baking Extravaganza 2008! Then after that Bri is very excited to start the Moore Christmas Spectacular 2008, christmas decorating! Bri is a christmas nut and we have so much fun with the holidays. I'm sad that I'm going to miss alot of it, so we are trying to adjust early so I can still be apart of as much as possible!
Thursday is Emily's musical at school. She has a signing part and is super excited!
Yesterday was Ari's first Toddler Yoga! She did great and had alot of fun! It will definately be good for her flexibility issues! :)
The rest of my week is going to be focused on finishing Emily's stocking and finishing up a quilt I'm working on! Busy Busy!

Oh and on a crap note. Rockwell Collins. They are laying off here in Iowa. They are now not getting their raises in December, they MAY get them in April, but not retroactive back to December if they do get them. they are raising the cost of our crap insurance...effective in January of course. And they have upped UNPAID OT from 5% to 10% a week. All of this because of Boeing's strike, and a bit because of the economy. I won't give my blunt honest opinion on this, as I don't want to start a fight. BUT most of you know me well, so I'm sure you can hear in your mind what I would say! :)

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