Wednesday, November 19, 2008

long drives

I'm still here. Just a bit more behind on blogging lately. It's been so busy. I'm rushing trying to get everything together and organized and ready for my surgery. I only have like 9 days left till my surgery and 1 week left until my family arrives! And this weekend my BIL and SIL are coming into town. I'm excited to get to see them and spend some time together. I feel like we hardly know them, so it will be nice to spend some time together!
Jace came home from school today with 2 large knots and bruises, 1 on each eye. his school called me in advance and let me know. Apparently Jace and another little boy accidentally crashed into each other. looks painful.
bri is really struggling right now. alot of stuff and pressure at work. i won't go into details out of respect for him, but it hasn't been very pretty. I'm not sure how he is going to do as i'm going thru my surgery recovery and such.
I'm doing good. I am still mostly excited for my upcoming surgery but i am a bit nervous now as the time gets closer. i'm nervous about the pain management afterwards. i'm nervous about how quickly i'll be able to be up and moving around. i'm worried about how the kids will do, about how brian will do.
lately i've been going out in the evenings by myself and just driving around for a bit. i put in a cd, turn it up as loud as i can and just sing along and think. brian has asked what i think about, but hasn't complained about my going out. it's just time i really need right now. alot of things i'm working thru and processing right now. i'm ok, don't want to freak anyone out. just alot i'm trying to sort out.
today i had a phone conversation. it was definately a blast from the past. it was good and bad. it was weird. i'm not quite sure what i think, but i think ultimately it could be good. we'll see.
wow that's been alot of rambling. tonight is dave ramsey. tomorrow i'm going frame shopping with a friend, and then baking. friday is LOTS of shopping. gotta get all my yarn, comfy pants, and christmas shopping. friday evening is out with both my BIL's and SIL's for an adults dinner night! Saturday and Sunday is time with family. next week i don't even want to think about yet. i promise photos soon.

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