Friday, November 14, 2008

Musical and basics

Last night was Emily's musical at school. She did great and they had alot of fun! If you want to see the musical and some photos click HERE
In other news. I've been working on a quilt and after 8 something hours yesterday I finished quilting it. I'm going to bind it this morning and then it's done! I'm also working on Brian's stocking. i'm maybe 1/3 of the way done! So far I have finished my stocking, and Emilys! I'm going to pick out the pattern for Jace, Ben and Ari's this weekend and get all the wool next week so I can finish them all during my recovery!
This weekend is BAKING time! i'm super excited! My SIL and I will spend the day saturday making yummy stuff!
Then it's on to decorating sunday! i love this time of year!
2 weeks from right now i will be in surgery! all of my labs are done, all the paperwork, all the preop appts, signed off by all docs, and completely paid for in full! i'm so happy to have all that done! all that is left is buying my supply of comfy pants for after surgery! :)

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