Saturday, April 28, 2012

Heck of an ending to the week

The week was decently slow.  We had all the typical school stuff and all of that.  There were field trips and class assignments and spelling tests and reading homework, and all of those fun things.  We stayed busy.
Bob and I stayed busy as well.  We are now at 77.2 logged miles in 33 days!  I also started running some this week.  I'm still at small runs rotating with walking but I'm doing it!  I'm so excited about working towards my running goals.

The week ended with a BANG though.  Friday afternoon we had storms rolling in.  Jace was upset because he wasn't able to go outside and played.  So he laid belly down on the entry floor between the front door and the stairs.  I took the huge laundry hamper upstairs to hang clothes.  It caught a picture hanging on the wall at the top of the stairs, knocking the metal picture frame down.  It hit Jace in the back of the head at the bottom of the stairs.  It scratched his head and we were able to easily get the bleeding to stop.  He was doing well, eyes equal and reactive.  He stood up and next thing we knew he passed out hitting his head on the entry table, and had a seizure on the ground.  His eyes were full dilated and he was completely unresponsive and choking.  We of course called 911 and within minutes we had police, fire, and EMS.  Jace was transported by ambulance to the downtown Children's hospital.  He was very dizzy and very nauseous.  He was given meds to help with the throwing up, and he had a CT as well.  There was no bleeding in the brain.  He was sent home with a severe concussion.  He slept 13 hrs last night.  This morning he was still pretty out of it, but as the day has gone on he's done better.  He definitely gave us quite the scare.  All of the pictures have now been removed from the wall over the stairs, and we will never do that again.  I never imagined something like that could happen.

Eli has done decent this week.  He's had some struggles with body temp and has had to be watched fairly closely and kept inside alot.  He's now signing 21 signs and has even put 2 signs together!  We are so proud of how much he's accomplishing!

The kids have 15 school days left!  I can't believe another year is wrapping up!  Next year will be the only year ever that our oldest 4 will all be at the same school!  We'll have a kindergartner, a 2nd grader, a 4th grader, and a 6th grader!  WOW.

More updates soon.

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