Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Quick updates

Emily is resting mostly. She has been complaining of being bored and not wanting to stay in a dark room so there has been some fighting there. She says that her head is still hurting, but her finger and leg are feeling better. She meets with her doctor tomorrow to see how she is doing and to check in.

Tomorrow is Eli's next EEG. He has to stay up until midnight tonight and then be up at 4am. We check into cmh at 7:30am. Then on Friday we meet with the audiologist and we will redo his hearing aids to give them another try.

Bob and I are doing well. We are on day 16 of working out every single day. We have logged 45.2 miles and are enjoying seeing our speeds increase.

More updates in the next few days as we get test results and such back in.

1 comment:

Holly said...

45.2 miles thats awesome!

Good Luck tomorrow Emily.. Im thinking about you!