Saturday, April 21, 2012

Busy Week

It was a busy week like always.

Emily did end up going back to school and she did well with no problems.  She left this past Wednesday for camp.  Her whole 5th grade class went.  They were gone until Friday afternoon and she had a blast!  She's pretty tired now and glad it's the weekend to get caught back up on sleep.

Jace has had a pretty quiet week.  Not much has gone on for him outside of normal school activities.  Today he meets with his new ADHD doc and we are excited to hear what she has to say.

Benjamin had a field trip this week with his class and really enjoyed it.  He also went on a field trip to the firestation with his respite worker.  He got to get on the trucks, sound the horns, put on a big fireman's coat and even got to use a fire hose!  He had alot of fun!  He also meets with his new doc today!

Ariana has also had a pretty quiet week.  She had school as always.  She's made alot of friends in the neighborhood and spends alot of time outside playing with all of her new friends and working on riding her bike!

Eli has been a busy little boy.  He is working harder on harder on using his walker.  He can get around the main level decently.  He is also working hard on his signing and is now able to sign 19 words on his own without prompting!  We are so proud of him!  He can now climb up on the couch and he can apparently climb out of his crib.  We will now begin the process to get him a sleep safe bed approved thru insurance.  He also had his EEG last week.  We got the results back late last night.  The neurologist on call actually called me and explained all of the results.  He did not have any seizures or fragments which is a good thing. That means that atleast during the EEG the meds were doing what they are supposed to.  He did however have flowing, which is when the electrical activity in the brain doesn't flow as quickly as it should.  This is something that we had seen on the last EEG so wasn't a big surprise.  Eli also went in yesterday for another KUB (stomach xray).  He is completely cleaned out finally so we are going to end up needing to back down on his miralax dose some as he's still shedding alot of his intestinal lining.

Bob and I are busy as always.  We have been working out and/or walking every day.  We are at 26 days and 62.7 miles!  We have also gone to the pool multiple times!  Today is my birthday so we are headed out for a special birthday date night!  I'm super excited to get to eat at my favorite restaurant!

More updates and pictures soon!

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