Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bike Crash

Yesterday early evening Emily and Jace were riding their bikes while we cooked dinner.  Jace burst thru the garage door yelling that he needed help and that there was a problem.  Apparently they had been riding in the huge drainage ditch with no helmets.  Emily hit a rock and crashed, landing on her head and her left hip/leg.  Jace said she passed out.  He tried to get her up and she passed out again hitting her head. The third time he got her up and drug her up to the top by the street and then rode his bike home fast for help.  Bob flew down there and I brought the van.  She couldn't walk and didn't remember anything.  She had also busted open the finger nail and top of one finger.  Her and I headed straight to CMH ER.  No broken bones but a badly bruised tailbone, hip and femur.  She still can't walk or lay on her back or left side.  She has a bad concussion though.  She isn't allowed to be in light, do any physical activity, watch TV, play videos games, read books, or do ANYTHING that activates her brain to work much.  She has to do this until the headaches are completely gone for a full 2 days.  The doctor said to expect a week plus for recovery.  She is situated sideways in the recliner sleeping and Bob has checked on her often.  The doctors have her on tylenol which isn't working as well, but they don't want her taking ibuprofen because of the brain injury.
I'm so proud of Jace for how strong he was and how level headed he was during all of this.  He remained really calm and did exactly what he should have!
We will be having LONG talks about helmets and where it is and isn't safe to ride bikes.
I will update more when I can!

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